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Man changing tire on I-75 hit by car

A man who was changing a tire on the side of the interstate was sent to the hospital after he was hit by another vehicle.

The accident happened Thursday afternoon on I-75 south, just past the Sugar Limb Road exit.  Traffic was backed up for several miles after the accident.

She has a 9 car garage. What!?!

Lots of people enjoy collecting stuff like stamps and coins and american-girl dolls. And of course you need a place to display them.

A local collector built a custom space to keeps her cars.

"Yes they all run perfectly. I keep them all in tip top mechanical shape. And I just love them," Cynthia Fleming said of her car collection.

She custom built her house in Lenoir City with a garage big enough for nine cars.

A tour of her garage shows each car has its own personality and name.

83-year-old motorcyclist recalls memories on the road

(WBIR-Greenback, Tn) An 83-year-old man from Greenback spent Memorial Day recalling his memories on the road.

WBIR first met Wesley Lane in the early 1960s. Lane's dog, Sandy, would sit on his lap as he drove his motorcycle. Recently, his family got a hold of the footage.

"He didn't care. He'd get on there and run his nose right around the windshield, get that cold air. I got up to 70 mph one time, just to see, and he didn't care. He loved it," Lane recalled.

Sandy died at 14 years old.

East TN bridges salute Medal of Honor recipients year-round

On Monday there were countless Memorial Day ceremonies across the country for Americans to take special notice of the sacrifices made by the nation's military veterans.

Yet, many of the largest physical celebrations of our most decorated veterans can often go unnoticed despite tens of thousands of people coming across them every day in East Tennessee.  These sometimes overlooked historical structures help bridge the present to a proud military past.

No one injured in Loudon Co. house fire

(WBIR- Loudon Co.) A house fire in Loudon County is under investigation.

Loudon County Fire Rescue responded to the house fire shortly after 10:30 p.m. Sunday night.

Nobody was home at the time, but one person lived at the home.

The house had several layers of roofing which caused the fire to last longer.

Extra patrols out on East TN rivers and lakes

(WBIR, Lenoir City/West Knox County) East Tenn. boaters are taking advantage of the nice weather and extended weekend.

Because of the extra boat traffic, more officers are patrolling the rivers and lakes, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA).

TWRA Officer Jeff Roberson spent Sunday out on Fort Loudon in West Knox County.

Man drowns in private pool in Lenoir City

Lenoir City police said one man drowned in a private pool Sunday evening in the Conkinnon Pointe Subdivision at about 5:30 p.m.

LifeStar flew the victim to Fort Sanders Hospital in Loundon County. Medical workers pronounced the man dead at the hospital.

Officials are calling the incident an accident. They're not releasing additional information until the family of the victim have been notified.