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"Wake Wars" creates water battle in Lenoir City

Wake Wars Wakeboard Tournament is scheduled at Melton Hill Dam Park Saturday, July 27 in Lenoir City.

Amateur wakeboard enthusiast, of many ages, will compete for prizes.  It's not too late to enter the tournament.

If you don't want to get in the water, watch from the bank for free.

Wake Wars should begin around 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.

For more information, check out the Wake Wars website.

10News Investigation: Are your schools safer this year?

(WBIR - Knoxville) We are taking a sweeping look at school security changes in districts across East Tennessee.

School shootings, especially Sandy Hook where 20 students died last December, helped drive a deeper conversation about how districts can do a better job keeping kids safe at school.

Couple raises more than $10K for charity with motorcycle ride

(WBIR - Tellico Village) Charlie and Teresa Bernard left their church in Tellico Village Wednesday night, headed for Seattle Washington. The duo is riding motorcycles across America to raise money for the Good Samaritan Center of Loudon County.

Before leaving, members of Tellico Village First Baptist enjoyed dinner, fellowship and blessed the bikes.

People donated a few dollars for each mile that will be traveled,and raised almost $12,000.

Large Michigan-native town reflects on Detroit bankruptcy battle

It's being described as one of the biggest bankruptcy cases in the world, creating a ripple effect for some East Tennessee residents.

On Thursday, the City of Detroit announced it was filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, leaving the town in a situation no other large U.S. city has ever dealt with before. A judge has ruled the bankruptcy as "unconstitutional," but the legal fight continues in Michigan.

Rickard Helka remembers his hometown, when he lived there in the 1940s and 1950s.

Invasive Kudzu Bugs stink, stain, and spread in East TN

They're here.  "Here" is East Tennessee and "they" are the invasive Kudzu Bugs from Asia.  The insects first arrived in the United States around four years ago in Georgia.  Since then they have ravaged crops, annoyed homeowners, and shown no signs of slowing down.

LCUB explains power failures over past couple of days

(WBIR-Knoxville) Thousands of households went without power for brief periods of time over the last two days, according to the Lenoir City Utilities Board.

LCUB tells 10News a transformer control cable failure at the Solway substation shut down power to 5000 customers for an hour and 45 minutes Tuesday morning and for 45 minutes again Wednesday morning.

Crews found and isolated the failed cable and are working to installing a new one.

Rain brings river to backyard, complete with some pretty big fish

(WBIR-Lenoir City, Tn) All the recent rain has left a river flowing through a Lenior City family's front yard, and with that water came some pretty big fish.

"Every time it rains like that, it just pours and after the storm quits runnin' about 20, 30 minutes later, it's like a river that comes down through here, it overflowed up there somewhere and then here come the fish," said Carl Jones.