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Ex-officer charged with aggravated assault after shooting wife | News

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Ex-officer charged with aggravated assault after shooting wife

Officials have charged a former Lenoir City and TVA police officer with aggravated assault after shooting his wife several times Saturday afternoon, according to arrest documents.

Deputies arrested Jeremy Alexander Gambrell, 41, Saturday evening at his home on Bridges Drive, following standoff with Roane County deputies that lasted about four hours. During the standoff, deputies had to block off a half-mile stretch of Blair Road near Gambrell's home, just south of Hannah Highway.

Roane County Sheriff Stockton said this was a matter of ongoing divorce proceedings and deputies have been called to this home in the past.

"Former police officers, still armed. We didn't know what type of weapons or how many he had. Allegedly, he had two handguns. We have got one that was used and what he held us off with," Stockton said. "Any time you confront a former law enforcement officer, he knows what our tactics are, and it can be a very dangerous situation."

Stockton said four people were at that house at the time of the shooting: Gambrell, his father, Gambrell's wife and the wife's boyfriend.

"There was a texting issue between the boyfriend and the former husband - or husband - prior to the shooting incident," Stockton said. "I'm not for sure why Mr. Gambrell (senior) showed up at this residence, but he heard them outside, went around the house, where the subjects were at - the female and her boyfriend - and shots were fired. It's undetermined at this time what triggered the shooting incident."

The shooting happened outside the house, Stockton said. Gambrell's father called 911. The former police officer gave his wife first aid and allowed emergency personal to airlift her to a local hospital. Stockton said the victim is "stable and improving daily."

The victim's uncle, Roy Nation, said his niece is a good person.

"She's always ready to help do something for somebody or go and see somebody, and she went to school her whole life to get her schooling and a good job and everything," Nation said. "It's bad that something like this had to happen to her. Real bad."

Nobody else was injured in the incident. Stockton said there are three kids in the family, but they were not at the house at the time of the shooting.

Deputies arrested Gambrell without further incident.

"He allegedly had taken some kind of narcotics and appeared to be drugged at the time that we took him into custody," Stockton said.

He said as of his last check, about 5 p.m. Saturday, the victim had gone through surgery and was in stable condition.

Gambrell was a Lenoir City police officer at least as recently as this past summer. An agenda for the Aug. 29, 2014 Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission committee meeting shows a request for Gambrell to attend. He was also an employee of the TVA Police Department from January 1999 to May 2012. As of August, paperwork shows that Gambrell was taking the necessary steps to continue his career as a police officer in Tennessee.


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