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Little Michigan community roots for home team | News

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Little Michigan community roots for home team


(WBIR) It is not just the Tennessee Vols who have Michigan on their minds. Many other East Tennesseans have ties to the Mitten state.

Tellico Village is a planned community full of Michigan transplants. When Tellico Village was first created, Detroit was targeted for marketing.

"Many of our neighbors, they're all from Michigan," said Lyn Hollis of Tellico Village in Loudon County.

Hollis studied at the University of Michigan and later transferred schools.

"I'm worried. I saw Tennessee's big guys against Mercer. Both teams need to play their game. It could go either way," he said.

Hollis went to high school with the Macdonalds. They now live just down the street from Hollis.

"It's just the school and everything about it. Once you've been there, gone to school there, and graduated from there, you're always going to root for them," said Valerie Macdonald, a Michigan alumna.

On the other hand, her husband is an alumnus of Michigan State.

"Hopefully both of them will win so they can play later and Michigan State can win," Ned Macdonald said.

However, most East Tennesseans are hoping to defeat Michigan. Knoxville Football Club's U-14 girls team, Crossfire, will compete in a Cincinnati soccer tournament this weekend. Their first opponent is the United Girls Gold, from Ann Arbor.

Crossfire wears the colors orange and blue while the United Girls Gold team wears Michigan's colors.

"We gotta make sure that we're working hard, we're determined, we're focused. I think the Vols have figured that out over the past months, weeks. They've gotten the talent. They've just been out working, and hard work will defeat talent any day of the week," said Cable Nunnally, Crossfire coach.

Tennessee plays against Michigan on Friday at 7:15 p.m. on CBS.


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