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Nearly a dozen flights cancelled at McGhee Tyson Airport | News

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Nearly a dozen flights cancelled at McGhee Tyson Airport
Nearly a dozen flights cancelled at McGhee Tyson Airport

Superstorm Sandy is causing flight delays and cancellations throughout the country.

So far, more than 15,000 flights have been cancelled and in Knoxville, we are seeing the effects.

Robin Vanleigh is sort of lucky, "I'm going from here to Chicago to Phoenix."

She's not headed to the Northeast, but she's still worried about her flight plan.

"So far, everything is on time, but since I am flying into Chicago and Sandy is making her way closer and closer, I am getting a little concerned that I might get stuck there," explained Robin.

She's concerned about getting stuck thanks to Superstorm Sandy.

Rain and snow are headed to the Windy City which could mess up her morning commute, "It's like jumping in, not seeing where you are going. It's a little scary, but at the same time an adventure because you never know what could happen."

Though she wasn't sure if her flight would stay or go, airlines tried to warn people.

McGhee Tyson Airport says they learned Sunday night flights to New York, Washington D.C, and Philadelphia would be cancelled for days.

Passengers were given several options by airlines so McGhee Tyson Airport says the amount of travelers showing up distraught was kept to a minimum.

So far, on Tuesday, ten flights were cancelled in Knoxville.

Becky Huckaby with McGhee Tyson said, "Best advice is before you leave the house check www.flyknoxville.com and check to see that the flight is on time, or even check with the airline to make sure your flight not only from here to your connecting city but to your final destination is on time so you know if you should come on out to the airport."

Someone who was quite lucky in all of this mess, was Laura Lenear.

"We have been watching and we already called ahead to know there were no delays here, so we are perfect," said Lenear.

She is headed to Las Vegas by way of Memphis, "It's kind of nice knowing that were we are headed is going to be 80 degrees."

With chilly temperatures in the north and several airports completely shut-down, McGhee Tyson plans for another night and another day of flight troubles.

Cancellations will continue to pop up throughout the evening and most likely in to Wednesday. So, McGhee Tyson Airport encourages you to check with your airline before you head to the airport.

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