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Loudon rejects $60,000 aid for school officers | News

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Loudon rejects $60,000 aid for school officers
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Loudon rejects $60,000 aid for school officers

According to Loudon City Manager Lynn Mills, city council members rejected the Loudon County Board of Educations $60,000 offer to help fund School Resource Officers in county schools located in the city.  The county school system's offer was approved Saturday, September 1.

Mills said the rejection was caused by a missed deadline.  The city council asked the county board of education to make a decision on the funding help by August 20, however the BOE did not approve the extra funding until September.

The city manager said the county will now be responsible for filling the two impacted SRO jobs.  The city officers will remain in the three schools until county deputies take over. 

The City of Loudon first warned it could not fully fund salaries for two School Resource Officers for 2012-2013 in mid-July.

Two city police officers provided security for three Loudon County Schools located in city limits; Loudon Elementary, Ft. Loudon Middle and Loudon High Schools.

The city asked the county school system to help pay for the officers due to a budget pinch. 

In mid-August, the Loudon City Council decided not to cover the $150,000 budget item at all.

On September 1, the county BOE passed a resolution to cover some of the city's SRO expense.  $60,000 was approved by board of education members for the City of Loudon.

News, Politics, Schools

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