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Lenoir City boy needs a service dog | Families

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Lenoir City boy needs a service dog
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Lenoir City boy needs a service dog

A Maryville based non-profit trains service dogs to help people with neurological disabilities.

Wilderwood Service Dogs work with everything from Autism to Alzheimer's.

The dogs take about 18-months and thousands of dollars to train.

A Lenoir City boy needs one. His name is Danny.

Like a lot of seven-year-olds, Danny Lewis enjoys sports.

"I play baseball, football, and basketball," he said.

And like a lot of little boys he has a lot of energy.

"When he turned four he was just really hyper and they kept saying it was ADHD and everything and that fine," his mother Krissy Brownlee said.

She said Danny's speech started to deteriorate and then doctors said he had Autism and then they figured out it was something more rare and more serious.

"Heller's Syndrome. It is a dementia in children. It causes you to have very bad meltdowns, behavior problems," she said. "It's just like a dementia in older people but now it's in children."

The dementia has progressed.

"Trying to get things at school taken care of, I have a behavioral specialist at my home twice a week, we have counselors we have to go see and doctors and now we're going to see a neurologist because he started having headaches. It's been rough." she said. "There is no cure. This is so rare that they're just learning about it."

Krissy Brownlee is raising $12,000 for a specially trained Wilderwood service dog for Danny.

Danny said, "I like dogs all of them."

He knows his mom is trying to get him a dog.

"The service dog will bring people to him where he has to interact with him. Also, Danny... he has an elopement problem. When he gets upset, scared he runs. So the dog will lie down where Danny cannot. And when he goes through his meltdowns and behavior problems the dog will calm him down and soothe him," his mother said.

And that's not all.

"He'll have a best friend because Danny don't have many friends," she said.

She just wants Danny to live like a typical seven year old.

"His football team. He still goes. He can't play anymore but he still goes and puts on his jersey and he'll stand there and root on his team and we'll do the same thing with baseball," she said. "I've had seven great years with him and I'll have as any more as God gives me."

A fundraiser this Saturday will go toward "A Dog for Danny."

It's a pancake breakfast at Lenoir City Ruritan Rotary Club Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

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