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High tech helmets to debut this fall in East Tennessee


(WBIR-Greenback) While it's months before week zero for high school football, the Greenback Cherokees have been hard at work over some new equipment for this fall.

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East TN dog helps recovery efforts after Typhoon Haiyan


(WBIR-Lenoir City) Recovery efforts continue more than six months after Super Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, displacing millions and killing more than 5,000 people.

Loudon County Schools tackle school safety


Even as the Loudon County school year winds down, School Resource Officers (SRO) are taking steps toward an even safer school environment now and in the future.

'Click It or Ticket' campaign kicks off today

'Click It or Ticket' campaign kicks off today

Monday kicked off the start of the national campaign urging drivers and passengers to buckle up.

Officials said they hope "Click It or Ticket" campaign reminds people that wearing a seat belt could mean the difference between life or death.

Many fatal accidents could have been avoided if people were wearing their seat belts. Last year officials said more than 360 fatal crash victims in Tennessee weren't wearing seat belts. So far this year, 128 fatal crash victims were unrestrained.

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Authorities warning customers about utility board phone scam

(WBIR) Customers of the Lenoir City Utility Board are being warned about a new phone scam that could put their credit card information at risk.

The Loudon County Sheriff's Office said someone pretending to work for the utility board has been calling LCUB customers to say their accounts are past due.

The scammer then requests a credit or debit card number and warns the customer that utility services will be interrupted if payment isn't made over the phone.

Drought elsewhere impacts East Tennessee crops


(WBIR-Lenoir City) Dry weather in the Southern Plains is affecting farmers and their crops in East Tennessee.

For several months, the drought has caused a steady increase in the price of wheat.

Report: Tobacco fields poisoning kids

Report: Tobacco fields poisoning kids

by Anita Wadhwani, , The Tennessean

Kids can't buy tobacco products, but in Tennessee children as young as 9 are working in tobacco fields and suffering symptoms consistent with acute nicotine poisoning, according to a report by an international human rights group.